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Charlene Homer - Elementary Program Consultant 

I love Perri’s classes, they are so much more to me then yoga, they are transcending.  She is an amazing instructor, who really gets to know and care for her students. 

Valerie Bond – retired Financial Advisor

My journey into yoga began in 2002 by taking classes with a friend in Calgary. Yoga was simply a form of physical exercise for me then and my interest was sporadic at best. Then I had a car accident, coupled with other major changes in my life, which drew me back to yoga as a way to help heal my body. Perri interweaves the philosophical and holistic nature of Yoga into her classes broadening my understanding beyond the simple postural work.  The connection between the body and mind started to evolve for me and my interest turned from yoga being simply a form of physical exercise to a way of discovering a bit of heaven, peace, in my everyday enjoyment of life. Integrating yoga into my life has enabled me to find a level of peace that sustains me, the physical benefits are now a bonus.

Liz Thurlby  - retired teacher and fitness instructor 

I had been going to a personal trainer for quite some time and was feeling as though I was curling into myself. I was getting tighter and tighter and my shoulders were becoming very sore as a result. In 2007 I began taking yoga with Perri on the recommendation of friends. I feel more energized, I have better posture, my balance has improved and I feel so good.  Perri’s detailed explanations of postural alignment, modifications and the personal attention she gives has taught me what I can do on my own. I am never bored in class and always leave having learned a little something to take away into my life. 

Chris Sproule – retired Military

In the late ’90’s I began taking yoga on the recommendation of my sister. I was awaiting back surgery for a condition she too had suffered with. After 3 months I was symptom free and after 8 months I cancelled the surgery. Yoga has not only improved the health of my back but my mental focus and ability to relax have greatly improved.  I practice regularly now on my own and continue to take classes with Perri. I appreciate the detailed descriptions Perri gives in her classes. She guides us through postural alignment, the accompanying sensations to be expected and the function of the poses. She offers modifications to suit every body. Perri continues to study and bring fresh techniques and ideas to class furthering her ability to help each student integrate adjustments and alternatives for their body.  The studio is a pleasant atmosphere and Perri is always willing to be adaptable in accommodating my schedule.

Wyncoll – high school teacher mother of 3 

I had dabbled in yoga for some time. I struggled with constant headaches and was looking for a non-stressful physical activity. In 2007 I began a more serious study of yoga by taking Perri’s beginner course. My headaches have improved significantly and I feel more attuned with myself and better able to deal with life’s inevitable challenges. Yoga has become much more than the physical for me now. My regular practice helps support me on my personal and spiritual path. Perri’s in depth understanding  of the body, her passion for yoga and accepting way enables me to feel comfortable and safe exploring and learning from exactly where I am.

Gloria Saccon 

I loved the chakra workshop this weekend, thank you for sharing your gift! The information was presented at the right pace and your passion for this topic is contagious. 

What I'd like to do is develop this into my meditation practise and wonder if you would guide me. I'm thinking of a plan that I would love your input on. This is it -- I'm thinking of devoting a week per chakra and my idea is to meditate and then do a few gentle poses which focus on the chakra...and then journal. Does this make sense, or am I doing anything backwards, incorrectly, etc. 

I often have a vision during the final relaxation in our Wednesday night classes and I really need to find a way to allow that to come forward as it's splotchy and I'm not getting the full message. My hope is that over the next seven weeks as I work on the chakras that things may become clearer for me.


Perri's teaching ability is such that students learn the intricacies of alignment, asana, and opening in a safe but courageous manner.  It is with the deeper and more significant levels of yoga--the layers that lie below the surface of the physical body--that Perri facilitates the greatest change.  When the student is ready, the teacher will come and I have much to learn from Perri about my life journey and my yoga practice.

Blayne Mackey

I thoroughly enjoyed my practice with Perri. Her passion and enthusiasm for Yoga is contagious. While it was often an effort to attend the class at the end of a busy day I always left feeling refreshed, renewed and thankful that I had attended. She is an excellent coach, teacher and mentor. Her CD’s are an excellent addition to my home practice.

Cheryl Descent

I so look forward to my yoga classes with Perri. Through incorporating a wonderful blend of life philosophy with yoga practice in each session, Perri encourages her students to achieve balance, inner peace and well being by incorporating yoga practice in their everyday lives. As she safely guides us through the postures and breathing activities...I feel the stresses of my world disappear.


I would say I have found Perri to be insightful, helpful. She is very experienced and has soothing voice when teaching you not only to breathe but to relax!

I have and would highly recommend her to others who are or might be interested in the sessions Perri has to offer!!

Tina Demerling

I started doing yoga with Perri when I was 4 months pregnant and I continued doing yoga until 1 week before delivering a healthy baby boy.  I have great respect for the amount of work and study Perri has put into her practice.  I found Perri to be experienced, knowledgeable, and concerned about her students.  As I progressed through my pregnancy, yoga helped me relax and bring focus to my life.  I also truly believe it helped me during labour and delivery to deal with pain from contractions and relax so the delivery was not complicated by needing drugs or surgical intervention.

Now that my son is 8 months old, I have started yoga again with Perri and I find it gives me a sense of peace and calm that helps me deal with stress, making me a better Mom (and more pleasant to be around in general).

Kristin Henrikson

I've been taking yoga with Perri since Sept. 05, and have just finished a great Alignment 1 workshop with Perri this weekend.  I attend a regular class and also the restorative yoga class regularly.  I've also known Perri since the early 1980's, so have experience with her in and out of the yoga environment (the Perri before and after yoga). 

Perri is passionate about her practice, and exudes passion and compassion in her teaching.  Of the most important elements I've learned from her are to develop an intention about my practice (admittedly not always focused or realized by me), and to be self aware and compassionate to myself in my practice of yoga.  I've learned that a yoga practice will be different for everyone, and will be different for myself every time I practice, because I am and likely will be in a different state of body or mind every day.  She has taught the importance of patience in the process, and that it is learning process that will and should continue.  Perri instills in her students the importance of breath, and has taught different types of breathing techniques and their benefits.  The Alignment workshop this weekend helped me focus not only on aligning my body in postures, but aligning breath with postures, and aligning everything with an intent in my fledgling practice.  The restorative practice is, well, restorative, to say the least!

Perri is a keen observer of her students, and assists each one in their practice according to their needs - both physical and emotional.  She also does not hesitate to share her personal experiences to demonstrate her points.  She ws been of enormous assistance to me on a personal level, in my discovery of buried emotions through the practice of yoga and the impact of those emotions on my entire life.  It has but nicked the iceberg, but has nonetheless shown me a path, if/when I choose to embrace it wholeheartedly.


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