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Pre/Post Natal Yoga

Living Yoga Studios primary focus is always to provide a framework for practicing and learning how to integrate yoga into the lives of each student in the way best suited to support that student wherever they are in life. Whether as support for a healthy happy pregnancy, the challenges of youth, healing, senior years or just as for well rounded balanced and joyful living, yoga is always adapted to the needs of the individual. We keep our class sizes small in order to provide this kind of personal attention.

The way we work with pregnant women is not necessarily to offer a single prenatal yoga class as many women are experienced yoga students and others are brand new to yoga when they become pregnant. Rather, each person wherever they are in their yoga journey, is invited to begin in the appropriate class where you are offered modifications in class as needed and suggestions for home practice according to your personal situation. Often new yoga students who are early on in their pregnancy do well in the beginner program and then progress and move through different classes as their pregnancy progresses. More experienced yoga students are offered alternatives and modifications in the class that are suitable to their experience level and body needs. Toward the end of pregnancy as comfort and growing bellies indicate most women move into the restorative class where we work with them to practice deep relaxation not only for support for the end of pregnancy but also as preparation for labour and delivery. If bringing yoga into your pre/post natal life is on your wish list, don’t hesitate to contact us today so we can help you to find the replace way to begin today.



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