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Living Yoga Studio
 is dedicated to bringing health and well being into your life through the practice of Yoga. We are committed to providing quality instruction and guidance to each individual, ensuring their yoga experience will suit their personal needs.

Join us for our Introductory talk..

The Foundations of Yoga:
A Brief Exploration of the Basic What,Where,
Why and How  of Yoga.

This 75-minute lecture will explain the basic history, philosophy and physiology of yoga. Many of us are uncertain about what all the various styles of yoga mean. Because not all yoga disciplines practise the same way, understanding the various practices and how they differ, and knowing a little about the roots of this ancient wisdom and how it is evolving, is helpful in pursuing any form of yogic study or practice. This lecture is designed to educate you on some of these basic issues and answer any other questions about how and why yoga is not just physical exercise for the body alone, and why it works the way it does. Yoga offers many health benefits. It is an ancient eastern wisdom tradition that dates back more than 5,000 years. Super-human feats of levitation and stopping the heart are mentioned among its possibilities. These days, it is touted as an integral part of many health programs, benefiting a variety of health issues including coronary care, mental health, back pain and ADHD. Yoga is practised prenatally, through childhood, by the fit, ill, young and old. We see yoga in schools, prisons, fitness clubs and executive offices. What is it about yoga that makes it so appealing, accessible and beneficial to so many? This lecture will give insight into these questions and more.Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend. If you are interested in understanding and learning about yoga, as an adjunct to your personal studies or as a way to enter into your studies, this is a great place to start.To attend, please reserve your space by emailing us today:info@livingyogastudios.ca

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The Foundation
(beginner) course
 is a 6 week session, teaching the fundamental's of yoga postures and meditation; insuring you will know how to align your body, breath fully and quiet the chatter in your mind. No experience necessary, suitable for everyone interested in truly learning how to practice yoga in a safe suitable way for your body. 

Level 1:
 A practice to build familiarity with beginner postures and concepts taught in the beginner course.
In this Level I practice, we continue to solidify our familiarityand understanding with basic poses while gradually adding new ones. While we emphasize postural alignment, the personal attention we strive to give each student enables everyone to learn how they can adapt postures to suit their body's individual needs. We continue to provide the opportunity to further experience the many benefits of yoga practice by teaching different breathing and relaxation techniques. This class introduces meditation to the practice by offering a variety of meditation tools and dedicated time spent at the end of each practice to quietly try these techniques out.Suitable for returning students and those with basic knowledge of the classical Hatha yoga practice.

Level 2:

A wide-rangeing exploration of familiar asanas, vinyasas and pranayama. As always at Living Studios, we emphasize personal attention, alignment, breathing and relaxation techniques while exploring many aspects of the yoga practice. Each class will take the body through a wide variety of postures that will align the spine, strengthen and lengthen muscles while increasing range of motion in our major joints and improve balance. Introduction of new practices and philosophies that will stretch and challenge both your body and boundaries, can be expected. Knowledge and experience practicing classical Hatha yoga in hte Vinyasa style is recommended.

Level 3:
Vigorous vinyasas, asanas and pranyama creating heat in the body to build strength, endurance, flexibility and concentration. For the experienced student of the more vigorous disciplines of Hatha yoga.


A restful practise to increase mobility & breath while quieting the mind by supporting the body in non-active postures. 

Pre- & Post-Natal:
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Personal consultation: In the original tradition of yoga, one on one teachings provide the student with individual guidance allowing personal growth and understanding through asana, pranayama and meditation.

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