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Yoga Foundations Class
Lesson 6

Review of Tadasana & complete yogic breath

Ardha Chandrasana (Standing Half Moon): Begin in Tadasana with heels and toes touching. As you inhale, raise your arms overhead clasp the right wrist. Keep the shoulders low, tailbone turned down to the earth, sacrum pulled into the pelvis and pelvis pulled into sacrum. Lift through the perineum wall and tighten the sphincter muscles. Fill the entire lungs with breath and reach up pulling on the right wrist and pushing down into the right foot. Exhale and extend the hips to the right and the torso to the left. Take care not to lose the alignment of the torso by twisting. Let the head and neck be relaxed and keep the shoulders low. With each inhalation release the edge a bit, pull the wrist and with the exhalation fold further to the left. Breathe fully, feeling the side of the body open. Stay here for five complete breaths. Inhale up, clasp the other wrist and repeat in the other direction.

Benefits: The Musculature of the torso is strengthened and the rectus abdominis is lengthened. The shoulder joints are opened and the arm muscles toned. It also has a positive effect on the kidneys, liver, spleen, and digestive system.

Torso & abdominal strengtheners

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