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Yoga Foundations Class
Lesson 4

Adho Mukha Svanasana (down dog): Begin in child’s pose. Stretch the arms far away, come onto your hands and knees, flat back, hands are shoulder-width apart, curl toes under, lengthen the arms pressing into the hands and lifting out of the shoulders. Inhale, turn hips into dog tilt, pull the navel in, exhale, straighten your legs, push the sits bones up, straighten the arms, push up and back into an inverted V. Push sits bones up, thighs back, and heels toward the floor. Inhale, press into the hands, lift the torso and head away from the floor, lengthening the arms, rotate the shoulders open keeping the elbows toward each other, relax your head, exhale, move your pelvis back and up bringing the torso towards the legs. Repeat the movement several times inhaling and exhaling. Stay here for at least one minute. Relax down to table and then press back to child’s pose.

Benefits: removes fatigue, relieves pain and stiffness in the heels and helps to soften calcaneal spurs, stretches the entire posterior of the body, elongates the spine, massages internal organs, tones liver, spleen, kidneys, increases circulation to the legs, torso and brain.

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