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Yoga Foundations Class
Lesson 2

Review: Postural Alignment & Essential Breath from class 1.

Warm-up: Add in Spinal Rolls.

Spinal rolls: From sitting, place feet flat on the floor, hip-width or wider apart, feel your sits bones on the floor, hands onto the tops of your knees, as you exhale contract the abdomen and roll back to your fullest arm extension hanging off your knees and tuck you chin into your chest stretching the back of your neck. As you inhale, roll back up, lifting out of the base of the spine. Pull the shoulder or shoulder blades down the back and expand the chest up and through the thighs, lift the chin and look up. Moving slowly and deliberately feel the vertebrae of the spine open. Use the abdominal muscles to increase the extension of your rolls. Repeat three (3) times, on the fourth descent, slowly roll all the way to the floor one vertebrae at a time.

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