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Yoga Foundations Class
Lesson 1: Breath & Life 

Sitting: To sit still, without movement, is an art and should be practiced daily. To sit properly on the floor, in the greatest comfort, cross your legs in tailor fashion and place a pillow or blanket under the back one-third of your tailbone. Lift your waist out of your hips and your rib cage out of your waist. The back should be ramrod straight. Relax your shoulders, broaden and lower the shoulder blades down the back, turn the chin down slightly to lengthen the back of the neck and look straight ahead.

Yogic Breathing: Pranayama (The Complete Breath) When first learning the complete breath, practice the body exploration as explained in class. The breath is learned in three stages that slowly integrate into one smooth motion. The rhythm should be smooth and even. Inhalation and exhalation are always through the nose.

A. While sitting, relax completely and exhale.
As you inhale, let your abdomen float up and expand as it fills.
B. As soon as your abdomen begins to fill, expand your floating ribcage and back
C. Still inhaling, fill you upper chest without raising your shoulders.

Exhale the same way, abdomen, middle, and upper. Practice this breath to the following count: Inhale six, hold three, and exhale six. Recommended time: five to ten minutes a day.

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