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The Essential Elements of Alignment Workshop


2017 Dates to be Announced

$250 + HST

or Take both the Alignment and Chakra Workshop for $450 + HST

Watch an Introduction to the Essential Elements of Alignment Workshop

Our evening will begin with a gentle meditative flowing asana (postures) practice, merging breath into movement. This calming but stimulating experience of breath and movement will be preparation for a deepening meditation practice, thereafter. The focus of the evening will be a dialogue on the Philosophical Quest of Yoga. This will include lecture and discussion on Yoga in the Ancient Upanishads, the Bhagavadgita and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. A detailed explanation of the Patanjali’s systemization of yoga will be given with attention to why and how this universal and eternal wisdom can be applied in our lives today, on and off the mat.

The day will begin with a discussion of the 8 principles of safe, appropriate and aligned movement. Applying the details of alignment to all aspects of your practice will allow you to safely deepen your ability to access, release and improve the flow of your life force. We will practice a variety of postures, vinyasas, pranayamsas and meditation to learn how to personalize your practice regardless of your experience.The intention of the workshop is to connect your practice with the philosophical quest of Yoga. In deepening your understanding of the heart of Yoga your relationship with, and intention for your practice will be inspired by more than the physical benefits. This workshop will give you the understanding of how the body, the breath, the mind and your efforts can help you to discover your true Self. You will discover old limiting patterns in movement and thought and learn to release and open to your creative inspired self.The connection between practice, the life force running within and between all things, and your ability to discover this within you will become clear. In the end you will have learned to deepen your path of self exploration through experiencing the ancient and timeless wisdom of Yoga. Aligning intention with the true philosophical quest of yoga changes your life, not just your body and mind. Learning to practice in the appropriate manner for you, synergizing breath, movement, understanding and motivation creates a personal dedicated, safe, confident, and enlightened practice.

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