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The Advanced Yoga Studies and RYT 200 Teacher Training Program

The Living Yoga Studio teacher training course is a 350 hour program that exceeds the basic 200 hour qualification. 


Yoga is an intricate, holistic science of life which provides a practical approach to discover our true Selves. The wisdom and practices of yoga teach us how to look for, listen to, feel, understand and access the guidance of our own intuitive wisdom. 


If you have experienced the gifts of yoga in your life, seek to deepen your understanding of this ancient wisdom and/or you feel called to share this wisdom with others, then Living Yoga Studios’ Advanced Studies and Teacher Training Program is your next step. 


This 350 hour program will be offered in modules. The successful teacher training candidate will receive the Canadian Yoga Alliance Certificate of Registry. Alternatively, those interested in deepening their understanding without obtaining the CYA Certificate are welcome to enroll in the non-teaching specific modules which will result in fewer hours and fee adjustments. For teachers the modules offer certified continuing education credits. 


A maximum of 5 Teacher Training Candidates and 5 Advanced Studies students will be enrolled each year. The small class size ensures every student will receive individual instruction and personal attention. 


The course content includes such topics as: 

  • Yoga Philosophy from the Ancient Upanishads to Modern Day 
  • Techniques, Training and Practices includes: Theory, Principles and Categories of Asana; Principles of Movement; 
  • Theory, Principles and Categories of Pranayama; 
  • Study of Alignment, Structural, Intentional and Theoretical; 
  • Teaching theory & methodology includes course planning, structure and application of practices, student teacher relationship, and assists. 
  • Yoga Anatomy will include Leslie Kaminoff’s online course and hands on workshops
  • Practicum opportunities are included. 

The structure of the course includes individual lessons (viniyoga), weekend workshops, special lectures, bi-monthly seminars, regular weekly asana class in addition to observing and assisting in senior instructor’s classes. Independent study, practice and research are an integral part of the program. The viniyoga nature of the program seeks to guide each candidate in the way best suited to their development, therefore flexibility is built into the scheduling of this program. 

The Director of Living Yoga Studios, Perri van Rossem¸ has been sharing her passion of yoga for almost two decades. She has developed this program for those who are ready to delve into the philosophical roots, theory and practical application of the practices and wisdom of yoga. This program will provide the experienced student and teacher with the tools to expand their understanding, as well as provide the aspiring teacher with the tools necessary to make the leap into teaching. 



Course Curriculum



Living Yoga Studios Advanced Studies and Teacher Training Program provides the philosophical, theoretical, and practical knowledge necessary to understand how the ancient wisdom of yoga can be applied in our 21st century life. In addition to exploring the roots of Indian philosophy and how these teachings are pertinent to today’s yoga enthusiast, the philosophical component of the course will also examine the benefit of studying yoga philosophy. Understanding the connection between philosophical theory, reflection, and proper practical application of the many tools of yoga, will be a primary focus of the course.

The technical theory of hatha yoga practices, which includes anatomical, physiological and structural elements of how the body moves and functions, is a required element of any advanced yogic study. This course will provide both theoretical instruction and detailed practical experience in these important areas. This course will also integrate the essential skill development, planning process and language use necessary for today’s yoga teachers.  In addition students will receive guidance on building healthy student teacher relationships, and understanding of the importance of the teacher student relationship in any successful learning environment. 

The successful teacher training candidate must attain an overall 75% average in the course. Marks will be based on: two essays and their presentations 15% each (30%), written class preparation and evaluation assignment 20%, 10 hours teaching and self-evaluation 30%, Viniyoga and practice log submission 10%, and class attendance 10%.


Pre-requisite - 3 years of practice



All Living Yoga Studios Specialized Workshops qualify for the Continuing Education Credits (CEC) for certified instructors. 


Please email info@livingstudios.ca, or call 613-453-8811 for more information. 










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