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Kingston's most established center for yogic studies

Regardless of age or physical condition, anyone can benefit from the practice of Yoga

Yoga Therapy


Private one on one Yoga Therapy and Theraputic Yoga programs with Perri van Rossem, Certified Yoga Therapists, to find the right yoga practice specific to the personal needs of each individual.

What sets Living Yoga Studios apart? 

Perri van Rossem, CYA-RYTGold, is an experienced and certified instructor, 
she helps each student receives 
personalized instructions suited to their individual needs.



2017 Workshop


The Essential Elements of Pelvic Floor Health

Friday June 16 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Saturday June 17 9:30am - 12:00pm





As of June 30, 2016, Living Yoga Studios will no longer have weekly asana classes. This is a bitter sweet moment of transition.  Although we will sincerely miss the opportunity to provide this kind of teaching, Perri is now called to and excited to focus her efforts and energy to teaching within the Viniyoga (therapeutic) format.

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Mountain in Tadasana
Flat Back
Standing Forward Fold
Yoga Mudra
Cat Pose 1
Cat Pose 2
Childs Pose
Locust Pose
Lunge 1
Lunge 2
Down Dog
Up Dog

The world's greatest prophets have told us to "KNOW THYSELF". Yoga teaches us how. We learn to move, breathe and observe our patterns, physically and mentally. Through yoga we experience and therefore become aware of how our patterns of movement and thought are manifested in our everyday lives. 

This is the yogic journey of self-discovery, the greatest gift that we strive to give at Living Yoga Studios!  

Director Perri van Rossem

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